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  • "I asked, “Why has no one ever told me?” The answer floored me, “The people I was depending on either, 1. Didn’t know  or 2. Didn’t want me to know!” 

  • "All this time I was deceived into believe the “3 Myths of Financial Success.”  Then I found out there were at least 50 Myths for many situations to keep me distracted."

  • “Frank is so kind to help, he helps people the same, those with a lot of money and with little like me.”

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  • "If I had only known there is a Poverty Principles and a Millionaire Mindset, it would have helped me tremendously build wealth much sooner.”

  • "Who knew the stock market is built so, “Many must lose for a few to be wealthy.”

  • "I am definitely on board with Franks grandfather’s “Millionaire Mindset”

  • "Who knew the stock market promotes a performance that no individual ever achieves, To forecast my results.  They can’t even prove and won’t guarantee that I will outperform savings or CD’s."

  • “I couldn’t have believed it, Frank showed me how my biases were keeping me from my best outcome!”

  • “Who would have thought that the idea of growing as much as possible in the stock market was a deception to keep my money from doubling many times."

  • “How did I not realize like Frank said, “Everybody wants me to commit my income and my savings so they benefit, it’s up to me to see that I benefit.”

  • "My broker told me I couldn’t make more than a CD, but I made 22% the first year, with no risk of loss and a STEPPED UP FLOOR (SUP). I will never go back to broker investing just for the SUP."

  • Frank’s forecast showed my stock market account was costing me time, income, growth and more so it would never create compound interest.

  • "I chose Frank’s DFY - Done For You approach so I could depend upon the guarantees, while I focused on my layers of income generation."

  • "Frank showed me how to allocate my money to create a competition and let me, the winner benefit. "

  • "A couple of years my account didn’t go up like I hoped when the market was down, but it never went down as promised. I wish I had this in 2001, 2008 & 2020."

  • "I thought all investments were the same until Frank showed me the Seven Pillars of a Fully Performing Asset."

  • "Frank taught me to ask and learn the expectations that are possible and available for money and opened the door to the Millionaire Mindset."

  • "My IRA was only going up by my contributions, until I met Frank and found the Power of Guarantees".

  • "I thought the stock market index was equivalent to my account performance, but it never is."

  • "Frank showed me in capitalism, everyone wants my income & my savings, it's up to me to "Inspect what you Expect", and first you must declare what you Expect."


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